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Quotations are valid for 30 days from date on quote.  Should you need longer to finalize details, and ingredient prices rise I may need to amend the quote slightly.

All agreed details will be included on the quotation, and invoice.

Once you place an order with me, I would need a deposit of £100 for wedding cakes and £25 for celebration cakes.  This secures the date and enables me to plan my work schedule. 

The balance for a wedding cake is due 1 month before the wedding date, and for a celebration cake, on day of collection.

Should you need to cancel the order within 2 months of the wedding or a month before your celebration cake is needed, the deposit is non-refundable. 

Delivery of wedding cakes to your venue is included in the quotation up to 10 miles from my home. Venues outside of the 10 mile radius are charged at £0.50 per mile to cover my time, fuel and car depreciation.

Celebration cakes are generally collected, however I can arrange for delivery at an extra charge of £10 locally (up to 10 miles) and then £0.50 per mile over and above the 10 mile radius.

Cakes may include non-edible decorations, depending on design.  I will make sure you are aware of all non-edible decorations, however, it’s your responsibility to inform the venue, so they can take them off before serving cake to your guests.

Great care will have been taken to create beautifully presented cakes.  It is the responsibility of the venue to present your guests with professional looking slices.

Wedding cakes and stacked celebration cakes will contain dowels to support each tier, keep them stable.  Please keep cakes flat when moving them.

Additional items added to the cake after delivery are your responsibility.  Please be aware sugarpaste doesn’t like water. Water from fresh flowers can get onto sugarpaste and dissolve the icing.

Damp environments and those with high humidity can also have a detrimental effect on sugar decorations.  If I am making a wedding cake for you I will make sure it is in the best position.  If the cake is moved to a damp area and damage occurs, I cannot be held responsible. For the same reason iced cakes should not be chilled in a fridge.  Please keep them in a cool dry room.

There is a growing trend for buttercream cakes.  These can be so lovely, but have more opportunity for spoiling in a hot room or marquee or environment, or bugs and flying insects getting on them. Please check with your venue if you intend to present a buttercream cake to your quests.  Some venues won’t take the responsibility.

Cake left over after your event is eaten at your own risk as I can’t guarantee the storage conditions.  The exception being rich fruit cake, which if wrapped and sealed, kept in a cool, dry place will last for a several months.

My cakes are made with dairy products including butter, buttermilk, milk and soft cheese, wheat containing gluten, eggs and sometimes soya.  Some of my cakes contain nuts therefore I cannot guarantee even on days I cook without nuts that the environment is nut free. If you have an allergy, please contact me for specific product ingredients.

In the unlikely event I’m ill or can’t make your cake for reasons outside my control, I will of course give you a full refund.  In the case of a wedding cake I will do my best to find another professional cake decorator to either finish or make your cake for you.



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